Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wk2 Classmate Comments: Rodolfo Fernandez

Rodolfo’s Original Post:

Wk2 Blog Post: Where do I want to share my project.


As I mentioned on last week's post, I chose to present my Leadership Project.  I must admit that I feel nervous about presenting my experiences to a group of educators that probably had encountered the same problems motivating professors to integrate technology in the classroom. I wonder if this topic has become tiresome in this conferences or not. Also, I am looking for conference near my living area (San Juan, Puerto Rico).

Anyway, here are my choices to share my presentation:
1.FETC 2013

Although the website announces the last conference taken place on last January, there's a link to submit presentation for January 2013.  I need to apply before the end of this month.

2.GaETC - Georgia Educational Technology Conference -
This conference takes place in November 2012. I need to submit before September 2012

3. Number #3 will be my backup plan in case I don't get accepted or receive any notification.  I'll publish my research in these two publications:

    a. HETS - Hispanic Educational Technology Services. Besides workshops, HETS promotes an online journal.  Although on their instructions they don't specified the amount of words, they are accepting papers about online learning.  HETS Instructions for publication

    b. NAFSA- Association of International Educators.  Publications that are presented on their bi-monthly journal meet the requirements of 2,000 words. NAFSA

My comments:

Rodolfo, I have all confidence that you are going to do a fantastic job at whichever conference you get accepted to.  From hearing your heart in the previous months, I know that your passion will drive you to make your point.  You are probably right about the fact that most conferences always deal with ways to motivate teachers, but they haven’t heard you.  You bring to the table experience and again your passion.  Keep searching for the right place or publishing company to bring your work to light.  

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