Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wk 3 Leadership Project Hub

In my leadership project I’ve chosen to share my experience with a learning management system such as Edmodo to build a strong relationship with parents and students.  This social media tool has helped me better communicate what takes place in my classroom.  When a parent is involved in their child's education, the student benefits highly.  Parents want to be involved as much as possible, but their busy schedules do not allow them to visit the classroom regularly.  I have created a way to build a strong relationship with my students and parents by giving them online access to assignments, video tutorials, and teacher assistance through Edmodo.  My goal is to share with educators who are looking for a way to reach out to their community using a social media platform and who are interested in solving the communication problem in their classroom.  

I’ve applied at two different conferences where I’m hoping I can present my project to benefit other educators. The first one is called La Cosecha 2012. I want to be a part of this conference since it focuses on Dual Language, which is the program that I’m involved at work.  The conference supposes to be the biggest DL conference in the country.

The second conference that I’ve applied is called the 2012 Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference.  This conference motivates teachers to use technology in the classroom specifically with tools such as social media, eLearning, and mobile computing.  I hope to be accepted to share my experience using Edmodo in the classroom. 


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  2. Wonderful project, I look forward to reviewing your presentation document.