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Wk 3 Classmates Comments: Mary WIlson

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Week 3 reading: moving on to rule number 6

this book was well worth the wait, the book is like opening a door where you are suddenly blinded by bright light, at first it is so bright you cant see anything you just close your eyes and take in the new feeling, as you stand there longer you start to acclimate to this new environment and try to figure out how you can share this amazing feeling with others.

this is where i am with this book, i was amazed by the first few chapters. now my head is spinning on how and where to use these new found ideas. i have already told my mom, my sister and two teachers about this book. i have restructured my final so that the students will be able to express themselves in a way that is more comfortable for them instead of how i wanted it.

i had assigned a project as their final exam because most of my students do not do well on traditional tests and i thought a project would be a better way for them to express their creativity. i had one student who seemed really bummed about the project and really was not doing anything. when i asked him what was wrong he said he would rather just take a test, i immediately said no and got kind of mad that he had even asked, i mean i spent a lot of time designing a project that i thought the students would enjoy and excel at, so i told him to try the project and left it at that. lucky for him i read over the art of possibility and reflected on my decision and thought maybe i should not take my decision so seriously, maybe i should ask him what he thought of the whole thing. we had a discussion and we decided that i would make him a test and that would stand in for his final project. after the conversation i noticed he was smiling, he said mrs. wilson i probably look really happy on the outside right now, but on the inside i am ten times happier, i am jumping around and screaming, you have made me so happy. thank you for listening to me.
Drawn by: Alinn

These are the moments i live for as a teacher. it is one i will hold on to and cherish, not just for the happiness of the students but for the lesson i learned.

My comments:
What a story! You not only made this young man’s day, but mine too.  The author is probably very proud that his dream has come true through you.  His writing has made a difference in all of us. I like your illustration of the bright light and opening the door.  Very good way of putting it to perspective. I too started the thinking process of how I’m going to use the ideas from this book in my school.  I don’t want to overwhelm others, but at least introduce it to them.  If anything else I want to be able to listen to my students more than I had before just incase I come across a situation like the one that you’ve shared with us.  I have already applied the idea of not taking myself so seriously that instead of just monitoring my kids during recess, I’m actually playing soccer, or even jumping rope.  They love the fact that I can be their teacher and have a good sense of humor.  

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