Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wk1 Classmate Comments #2: Dara Easterling

Dara’s Original Post:

Week 1 Reading: Copyright Issues

Copyright is one of those umbrella issues when you think about it.  By that, I mean that it covers over or is built on the spokes of plagiarism, law, and fair use.  The video that bought this point to light for me is the one called "A Shared Culture" (Creative Commons video).  From the video, I not only got a clearer understanding of the Creative Commons elements but how to identify and properly use the attributes within it.  I noticed that a lot of the things in the video focused on the advent of emerging technologies and the need to enforce copyright even though the Internet or web is supposed to be seen as a 'free frontier.'  As an educator and student, I have used items that are copyright free but know the importance of giving credit to the originator of items that I use from the Internet and to list where necessary, the attribute of an image I have connected to a project or presentation.  I will break down how I see the three terms I have listed as the spokes.  The first spoke is plagiarism, which is the taking of other's work primarily in written format.  Copyright is above this in that you are limited in the work of others that you can take and use for your project or presentation as well as any and all things that are created by someone that is their music, images, etc.  The second spoke is law.  There are more copyright laws out there than those related to plagiarism and re-branding.  They are enforced in educational, business, and social settings.  The other spoke is fair use.  Fair use was said to mean that a small part of a work can be used for (in my case) educational or teaching purposes.  As is relates to copyright, you can fairly use a bit of images or video that are copyrighted as long as it is a necessary piece of the activity for the learner or student and no other options are available.

Quoted video-  Blip.TV video: A Shared Culture produced by, retrieved from on 5/3/2012

My comments:

Dara, when I watched the videos I was overwhelmed.  There was so much to take in and understand.  I had to watch some of the videos several times or at least rewind.  I did enjoy the information and it has made me think twice or three times about what pictures or videos I post or use.  Before that I had no idea of the seriousness that came with copyright laws.  But now, believe me it’s different.  This world has a big problem and trying to explain the solution is almost impossible, but do-able.  When I read your blog, the fact that you used the analogy of an umbrella made everything come to light.  Your idea combines everything that was mentioned on the videos and it made the whole topic simple.  

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