Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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I miss being in school...been thinking about my classmates and wondering how they are doing.  I want to God for my new position and looking forward working as the new computer teacher at my school.  I am a little nervous, but I'm hoping to review my classes from the past.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wk 4 Classmates comments: Katie Ross

Katies Original Post:

Wk4 Reading: Being YOU!

Excuse me, does anyone have a lighter because I have a light that needs to be sparked!

Over the past 11 months I’ve put a lot of things to the side to focus on school so that I could get the most out of it. I can now say, since I can see the end so close  ( No worries Professor Joe, I’m not taking a break yet)I”ve been thinking what I’m I going to do with all of my free time.  The answer finally came to me over a short vacation last week and it’s, volunteer for the Big Brother Big Sister organization here in Orlando. I want to spread my spark out to children who are just looking for a spark to follow. Who are looking for assistance lighting their own spark. As a small speck on this big universe I always try to give back. However the time has come for me to give back to another person.  The ending of the EMDT program is a great time for me to pick up another life changing torch.

Sometimes in life it’s important to just let things go.  When you can’t change the situation and you can’t make someone see your point of view, and you have done all you can do….you just have to let it go and move on. You can’t life let you pass it by like it did for the husband whose wife had cheated on him.  It’s ok to let things go it brings so much peace to the situation. It also allows for growth to take place, which may even let you see a different point of view.

The framework of possibility is being YOU! When we stand up to right is right and we stand up to people who are doing wrong we are creating the framework. Sometimes that means doing something that you don’t want to do to create a better situation, and other times it’s just speaking the truth.

I believe I have had the pleasure to lift people up to help them do and be more. At times I’ve been lifted up.  One thing that I love is that my husband and I both lift each other up and we also always help push each other towards the next best thing.  This chapter is one reason why I think it’s very important to surround oneself with good people.  It’s important to be around people who you can help make better and who can help make yourself better.

My Comments,

Katie, truly an inspirational blog post.  I was reminded of the verse in the Bible where it says that we should not let the sun go down while we are yet angry so my wife and I try to live with such a conviction to not go to bed mad at one another.  Instead try to sharpen each other by listening and building each other up.  You hit it on the nail when you mentioned about surrounding yourself with the right people. It’s so true since I’ve seen it in our personal life.  When we are hanging out with depress I feel sorry about myself people, by the end of the day we too feel the same way.  But when the other couple is full of energy and positive thinking, we don’t want to night to end.  Our desire is that my wife and I as a couple work with others to light that spark in their life and bring the best out of them and they bring the best out of us.  Great job Katie.  Go and set the world on fire! (in a good way)

Wk 4 Classmates Comments: Dara Easterling

Dara’s original post:

Week 4 Leadership Project Blog Post: Leadership Role Model Reflection

I know that this seems a little too far left but the organization that I have in mind for the leadership role model is Starbucks.  They are a coffee company that has branded themselves in such a way that they are known all over; I want to be like that and strive to be like that.  I want to be known all over for a good product or providing good service.  Some of the things that I admire about them are their ensuring that customers and consumers have a variety in what they are getting.  Also, they work things out so that they are doing a service to others just like a teacher does in the classroom.  By that I mean that not only serve but also they provide skills to others through community outreach and through their actions (i.e. recycling and repurposing of materials). 

I have to say that my leadership style will be more like theirs as well as incorporating transformational leadership which has been addressed quite well in the book for this course, The Art of Possibility.  I have grown more and stepped up to take the lead in more ways especially as a result of graduate programs I have taken part in and know that the power to change and motivate is in my hands.  I can do more and create more opportunities and possibilities for change, success, and growth to occur with just the use of words, materials, or actions.

I can be that change in the world!

My comments,

Dara, awesome analogy.  I can see it Darabucks! Has a nice ring to it.  The leadership style has been one that, like you said, revolves around meeting the costumer’s need.  They are open early and close up late.  They have an assembly line style where they take your order, prepare it, and hand it out. We receive our kids at the beginning of the year, prepared them as best as we can, and then pass them to the next grade level. I like that they write your name on the cup to make sure that what is being prepared will go to the right person.  Kind of like when we individualize instruction; we know that not all students learn the same.  I also see the way they have the extras.  You know how you can add more sugar or honey to your coffee.  It’s like when we give students a project, each will add their own flavor or mixture to fit their interest. 

Wk 4 Leadership Blog: Mrs. Mitchell

I came across this amazing teacher while I was looking for ideas on how to use the iPad in the classroom.  Her name is Jeannetta Mitchell and she has been teaching for more than 20 years. She teaches 8th grade Math and uses the iPad to replace books, complete quizzes, and take notes.  She is funny and engaging.  Her students love her and like coming to class because is not your typical classroom atmosphere.  The students use their iPads to work on assignments and homework since they are able to take their hardware home to study and explore.  I look at teachers like her and want to be like them.  I want to be able to write grants to bring equipment like the iPad to my classroom and use it just like Mrs. Mitchell is using hers.  I want to engage my students to look beyond paper and pencil activities and find my classroom fun and challenging.  I want students to see me and have confidence that I know what I’m talking about and am well trained to lead them beyond what is required by my state.  I want to be secured in what I do and be prepared more than enough to walk through our lessons and have feedback from my students.  I don’t want to feel lost or confused when working with new technology.  I want to be caught up with the latest and walk with my head up high knowing that I am ready to pour my knowledge to my students.  I want for my students to benefit from my ideas and for me to benefit from their deliverables.  

If I was to compare myself to anything else, I would compare myself to an ice cream truck. You know the kind that drives through the neighborhood playing that lovely tune.  Why? Because I would like to be known by the tune of my leadership.  Students know who I am, what I sound like, and what I have to offer.  I might not be Blue Bell Inc. but I sure am full of their products.  

Wk 4 Wimba Class

Sorry I could't make it to our Wimba session this week.  This is what I gathered once I watch the class late at night. My answer to the question about how is the art of possibility different from the power of positive thinking or oprah's the secret would be that they are some what the same since they each give examples of real people's experiences and bring a resolution by the choices made by the individuals.  I like what one student commented saying "Gives you the view point of how things are possible and different point of view to look at things".
My favorite chapters are a mixture of number 3 "Giving an A" and number 9 "Lighting a Spark". I love the concept of giving an A.  Really considering using this idea next year.  Start each week or semester having the students write the reasons why they received an A in my class.  I would like to see how their work habits change as they focus more on the product rather than the grade.  I also like chapter 9 because of the story of the "failure" school that was touched and moved by the symphony band.  I was imagining it the whole time seeing the kids faces light up when all those people came to play for their school.  I wonder if that little boy who got to conduct the band is doing now.  I wonder if he himself has become a band director.  I know one thing for sure, he will never forget the experience.
I will definitely, as I said earlier, use the concept of giving an A in my classroom.  I will also have the mentality that there is a universe of possibilities out there and not sale myself short.  Will make a poster about keeping Rule Number 6 in mind always and look to find the better framework when facing opposition.  Ultimately the next move is on my board and I have the power to make things better or worse.

Wk 4 Reading Art of Possibility: Graduation

This book continues to bring awesome memories back from when I was in Jr. High and High School and how everything I went through as a band member is now helping me to be a great teacher.  Seriously, we should have started Full Sail University reading this book.  What I like about it the most are the stories.  Most books are just what one individual thinks or his/her research, but this book contains substance by bringing us in the lives of real people.  I love the story of the 10 year old from the ‘failing’ school who was given a chance to conduct the band. WOW! What a dream and all because a man was able to enroll others to see the positive outcome of what seem to be pointless.  I now can relate to the feeling I get when our 4th graders graduate.  For the past two years we’ve been able to take our kids to their actual future high school and have them walk the auditorium stage as they receive their diploma.  We are the only school in our district doing this and believe me that it brings chills to know that they will eventually attend that school. From the proud parents to their bright smiles it is worth spending that money to rent the buses and purchase the balloons.  We’ve enrolled ourselves in our community and have benefited from their positive feedback and gratitude.   Sure, we cannot please every parent even when the place sat more than enough people there were still complaints. But as I learned from the book, when this situation gets on the board I have the opportunity to make the change and help solve the problem or make it worse.  As they say, “the ball is in my court”.  What I will do next time is choose a better framework.  See this as an opportunity to make our graduation ceremony better the following year.  Constructive criticism.   

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wk 3 Classmates Comments: Mary WIlson

Mary Original Post

Week 3 reading: moving on to rule number 6

this book was well worth the wait, the book is like opening a door where you are suddenly blinded by bright light, at first it is so bright you cant see anything you just close your eyes and take in the new feeling, as you stand there longer you start to acclimate to this new environment and try to figure out how you can share this amazing feeling with others.

this is where i am with this book, i was amazed by the first few chapters. now my head is spinning on how and where to use these new found ideas. i have already told my mom, my sister and two teachers about this book. i have restructured my final so that the students will be able to express themselves in a way that is more comfortable for them instead of how i wanted it.

i had assigned a project as their final exam because most of my students do not do well on traditional tests and i thought a project would be a better way for them to express their creativity. i had one student who seemed really bummed about the project and really was not doing anything. when i asked him what was wrong he said he would rather just take a test, i immediately said no and got kind of mad that he had even asked, i mean i spent a lot of time designing a project that i thought the students would enjoy and excel at, so i told him to try the project and left it at that. lucky for him i read over the art of possibility and reflected on my decision and thought maybe i should not take my decision so seriously, maybe i should ask him what he thought of the whole thing. we had a discussion and we decided that i would make him a test and that would stand in for his final project. after the conversation i noticed he was smiling, he said mrs. wilson i probably look really happy on the outside right now, but on the inside i am ten times happier, i am jumping around and screaming, you have made me so happy. thank you for listening to me.
Drawn by: Alinn

These are the moments i live for as a teacher. it is one i will hold on to and cherish, not just for the happiness of the students but for the lesson i learned.

My comments:
What a story! You not only made this young man’s day, but mine too.  The author is probably very proud that his dream has come true through you.  His writing has made a difference in all of us. I like your illustration of the bright light and opening the door.  Very good way of putting it to perspective. I too started the thinking process of how I’m going to use the ideas from this book in my school.  I don’t want to overwhelm others, but at least introduce it to them.  If anything else I want to be able to listen to my students more than I had before just incase I come across a situation like the one that you’ve shared with us.  I have already applied the idea of not taking myself so seriously that instead of just monitoring my kids during recess, I’m actually playing soccer, or even jumping rope.  They love the fact that I can be their teacher and have a good sense of humor.