Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wk 4 Classmates Comments: Dara Easterling

Dara’s original post:

Week 4 Leadership Project Blog Post: Leadership Role Model Reflection

I know that this seems a little too far left but the organization that I have in mind for the leadership role model is Starbucks.  They are a coffee company that has branded themselves in such a way that they are known all over; I want to be like that and strive to be like that.  I want to be known all over for a good product or providing good service.  Some of the things that I admire about them are their ensuring that customers and consumers have a variety in what they are getting.  Also, they work things out so that they are doing a service to others just like a teacher does in the classroom.  By that I mean that not only serve but also they provide skills to others through community outreach and through their actions (i.e. recycling and repurposing of materials). 

I have to say that my leadership style will be more like theirs as well as incorporating transformational leadership which has been addressed quite well in the book for this course, The Art of Possibility.  I have grown more and stepped up to take the lead in more ways especially as a result of graduate programs I have taken part in and know that the power to change and motivate is in my hands.  I can do more and create more opportunities and possibilities for change, success, and growth to occur with just the use of words, materials, or actions.

I can be that change in the world!

My comments,

Dara, awesome analogy.  I can see it Darabucks! Has a nice ring to it.  The leadership style has been one that, like you said, revolves around meeting the costumer’s need.  They are open early and close up late.  They have an assembly line style where they take your order, prepare it, and hand it out. We receive our kids at the beginning of the year, prepared them as best as we can, and then pass them to the next grade level. I like that they write your name on the cup to make sure that what is being prepared will go to the right person.  Kind of like when we individualize instruction; we know that not all students learn the same.  I also see the way they have the extras.  You know how you can add more sugar or honey to your coffee.  It’s like when we give students a project, each will add their own flavor or mixture to fit their interest. 

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  1. Irving,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your comments on the end. I also forgot the fact that they do put your name on the cup which individualizes the experience. It also bought up to me in reading your comments that we can have not only different students but experiences with them almost like the cup sizes at Starbucks (thinking of regular, vente, grande, etc.-- I think).