Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wk 2 Classmate Comments: Bryan Andretti

Bryan Original Post:

Week 2 reading eBook Error

I have been directing my school musical and I had my final performance last night. We did excerpts from "The WIZ" it went very well. Last night after the production I came home to do my post I was going to read and watch sports center on mute. Well I went to look for my book and it was on my Adobe bookshelf. Weird, because I thought I downloaded it when I got the email. Well I went back to the email to download it and I got the error above. I contacted their tec support and I am waiting for them to resend the link for a download. Apparently they had problems with a lot of their last eBook shipment.  I have heard that this book is a good read so I am looking forward to catching up on my weekly reading.

My comments:

Bryan, I’m so sorry that you were not able to read the reading for this week.  I had the same problem till I contacted the company and had them email me a new link to download my book.  It was frustrating, but when I started reading the book, it was worth it.  You are going to love reading this book.  It’s not your typical educational book that will give you simple tips.  This book will inspire you.  It’s full of stories that will warm your heart and motivate you to keep on going.  As teachers we often need books like this to give us a boost.  Here’s a summary from the first 4 chapters:
What an incredible book!  Every chapter deals with the truth that if applied to one’s life it can make a difference.   I started thinking about my own life and how there has been things personally that I’ve invented or followed. Things that have hold me back from moving forward or at least reaching the next level.  I have probably questioned my potential do to the “inventions” of our society.  At my local church, I have the privilege to talk to a group of young adults about life and life in general.  How we can improve and make the best of it in faith. I’ve preached the message of pursuing life to its highest potential.  I have talked about the endless possibilities that are out there available to anyone who stretches out their hands.  I’ve been mentioning this in our meetings and I find it incredible how this book makes so much sense.   I agree with the idea that the universe has endless possibilities, but not only that; the world is actually waiting for people to reach their potential, take risks, set goals, etc.  I’ve already started working on how I can use the concept of giving an A at the beginning of every semester or even every week at school.  It would be interesting to experiment with this idea and see where it takes my classroom.  I agree with the statement that a grade does not tell the full story.  Grades are important for data, but sometimes students only focus on the number rather than the product.  The testimony of the Taiwanese student summarized the first four chapters.  One word, powerful. 

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