Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wk 4 Wimba Class

Sorry I could't make it to our Wimba session this week.  This is what I gathered once I watch the class late at night. My answer to the question about how is the art of possibility different from the power of positive thinking or oprah's the secret would be that they are some what the same since they each give examples of real people's experiences and bring a resolution by the choices made by the individuals.  I like what one student commented saying "Gives you the view point of how things are possible and different point of view to look at things".
My favorite chapters are a mixture of number 3 "Giving an A" and number 9 "Lighting a Spark". I love the concept of giving an A.  Really considering using this idea next year.  Start each week or semester having the students write the reasons why they received an A in my class.  I would like to see how their work habits change as they focus more on the product rather than the grade.  I also like chapter 9 because of the story of the "failure" school that was touched and moved by the symphony band.  I was imagining it the whole time seeing the kids faces light up when all those people came to play for their school.  I wonder if that little boy who got to conduct the band is doing now.  I wonder if he himself has become a band director.  I know one thing for sure, he will never forget the experience.
I will definitely, as I said earlier, use the concept of giving an A in my classroom.  I will also have the mentality that there is a universe of possibilities out there and not sale myself short.  Will make a poster about keeping Rule Number 6 in mind always and look to find the better framework when facing opposition.  Ultimately the next move is on my board and I have the power to make things better or worse.

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